Desktop PC: AMD

(Great For Those on a Budget) AMD Processor, 8GB Ram, 240GB SSD Hard drive, Windows 10

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(Great For Those on a Budget:)
AMD A12/A10 3.0/3.1 GHz  processor  (Or Similar)
8GB Crucial DDR4 Ram  (Or Similar)
240GB Super Fast  SSD Hard Drive(Or Similar)
Windows 10 Home 64bit
AsRock or MSI motherboard
Dvd Drive
Wireless USB Adaptor (300mbps)
Antec standard tower case with 450w PSU
1 year warranty

* Priced Listed  is for "Just the Box", it does not include the monitor or a keyboard and mouse, if you need these we are happy to quote you, please let us know.

Build Time is 24-36 Hours From Payment Confirmation,
if you have any questions just message us or call us, we are happy to help

* Prices Correct As Of 17/7/18